Podcast Interview & Ibiza


Well its been a busy few weeks ....
 I was very privileged to be asked to appear on Valerie Jardin street focus podcast (link below) to talk about how my situation has changed and photography has become a huge part of my life,i have listened to her great podcast for a long time so was truly honoured and it felt like we had been in touch for ages as i am so use to listening to her voice,please subscribe to it if you haven't already.
Also after a many years i finally got to go on holiday and achieved a life ambition to see the sun set on the beautiful island of Ibiza with my wife,we were determined to see the quieter more traditional side of the Island and stayed clear of the clubbing chaos of San Antonio.On the Sunday we took a boat trip to a beach where local hippies and musicians  drum down the sun and everyone gathers to watch this beautiful sight  .....Amazing experience, like going back in time, such a great vibe and as the sun set the bongos got louder as it sunk below the horizon to whistling and cheers, that i don't think i could never get bored of and would return just for that alone
We stayed on the North side of the island in  San Miguel, such a beautiful and chilled place with crystal clear blue waters,perfectly comfortable temperatures and surprisingly a lot greener than i thought.
We managed a trip into the old town which was more diverse than i thought it would be,from the old rendered buildings on the cobbled streets where kids were playing and locals were sitting outside their homes having dinner ...through to the lavish restaurants that were serving steak tartare  ,to the hippie styled square and ending the evening walking along the dock with private boats (ships!!) that had their own security and that must have cost millions!!
 Its the first time i had travelled since taking up photography,it wasn't a photography break as we are not financially able at the moment to have a regular yearly holiday but my understanding wife was fine with me combining the 2, its very hard as i am used to getting on the streets of London on my own for as many hours as is physically possible but knew i had to reign it in and have the much deserved break together we both needed so much.
 As i said the first time abroad making images as we were on a resort i took a lot of scenery shots and detail images but once we left the resort i managed to get my street head on a bit,i love shooting in dramatic light,with harsh shadows and contrast so was in my element.
 I found the local people pretty camera friendly,only a couple of small contacts where one wanted paying and the other didn't want his image taken, i didnt really shoot much on the beach due to the amount of children and half dressed women present,not really my style and you have to realise people are there to relax last thing they need is someone walking around snapping