First introduction

Thank you for dropping in :)

Well here goes......

I have been asked why i haven't started blogging on my site? Well the truth is do people really want to read what i have been up to ? with so much going on everywhere at home and abroad.
 Thousands of other blogs around about peoples amazing adventures around the globe, skydiving over beautiful seas ,all the wanderlust photos and videos of amazing locations,jet set lifestyles,images of big wads of money,private jets,million pound cars and watches worth more than the average home ........if you are here for are going to be very disappointed :).

 Im just an average fella with great family & friends thats lived in London/Essex all my 46 years, i worked in construction until  my circumstances changed ........ i feel privileged to have  photography as an outlet and an escape (will do a post about this at a later date ) its a journey that will continue now until i'm pushing up daisies.

 There are various paragraphs around this site that basically explain my situation and what i do so will leave you to browse if you feel like finding out a little bit about me.
 I will post a blog maybe once a month for now and it will be just a bit random as life is like that,things can change in an instant so its good to reflect that,it will be a no bull blog! .Im not into dressing things up for recognition or to please people ,all the views/opinions will be my own so if you don't agree with any .....apologies in advance but you are obviously free to not read ,theres already enough bickering on other platforms of social media for that,i aim to have a bit of fun and also highlighting parts of my work/projects/people that mean a lot to me.I am also  involved with local community things so there will be posts on various events,days and maybe how to get involved with things where you live and the way it has completely turned things around for myself.
 I also owe a lot to many people who have always and continue to support me with every aspect of my life, i will unashamedly mention or feature them in my blog posts ,with a feature or similar.I have a great network of family & friends from all walks of life,most of which haven't met each other (and some i have yet to meet!!) but they all play a huge part in my life in their own way,the help i have been given still amazes me and if in a small way i can repay them by featuring them in my posts i will not hesitate to do so.
Right enough of that soppy stuff (no swearing here ;))......Please have a browse around and checkout my images as thats what i'm about in one form or another ,probably my favourite images of my own are the ones that contain some humour (and usually a dog or 2...i love dogs by the way)....which isn't easy in street photography when a great deal of the situation is out of the photographers control ...but thats what makes it so addictive and enjoyable.
 One last thing..... i have my own views on what i personally class as street photography which for now i will keep to myself but what i will say .....wether its a hobby, chillin with ya mates ,knitting.....or triathlons.....whatever you do if it makes YOU happy keep doing it are a long time dead
  Pea's...out x