A busy few months!!!

Well its been hectic to say the least!!
 Seriously if you had told me a couple of years ago that things would be as they are now i would have said you were crazy.A real rollercoaster of a journey so far , so much so that the blogs have been very thin on the ground (4 months since the last!) to what i had planned and now i have far too much to put down here without if looking like a novel :), so i feel a brief run down and highlighting the main things of the past few months is called for  and i will try and update much more frequently in the future.

The main thing i have to tell is that i was given a wonderful opportunity by the amazing people and friends at Studio 3 arts to mount my second exhibition in less than a year at their stunning gallery in Boundary road Barking IG11 7RJ
 If you have looked around on this website you would have seen the images from my ongoing project "HOME" which documents the brighter side of the residents that live in a local care home, with most of the residents suffering from various stages of dementia it can be challenging at times but very rewarding.To see the exceptional care and personal treatment they receive from the staff is heart warming and emotional
 I have been documenting the home for over a year and have been witness to some beautiful moments of humanity,love and emotions that often left me close to tears, to then be asked to mount an exhibition at studio 3 Arts by Rosie Ross & Liza Valence really was beyond what i could of hoped for,their support and professional approach through the whole process was a real eye opener and i cant wait to work with them again in the future.
The Exhibition opening had such a good attendance but the icing on the cake for me was when my friend for many years (carer & now manger of the home for 25 years) Maggie strong  came along do to a talk and brought with her some other carers and some residents !, to watch the people i had taken images of and documented over such a long period look at my work i had made, was very emotional and my planned speech went straight out of the window due to the lump in my throat.
 Later that week more residents came along with the great team of carers,this made it so worthwhile and i also got to hear some truly amazing stories.The project is far from over as i wish to take it a lot further,the images i made are now taking pride of place at the home and i will hopefully continue make many more to decorate the hallways there.
Huge thanks to Maggie and George Brooker House for making me so welcome every single visit & to let me witness what special people it takes to work in such a tough Environment.
 Also massive thanks to Rosie Ross for the late nights!, dealing with the gallery refurb!!!!making tea,ordering prints,repainting  the walls ...basically everything except take the photos !! thank you so much !
 Big shout to studio 3 arts for 100% support from beginning to end and beyond
Thank you to all that helped mount ,curate and came along
I cant put into words how much i appreciate all the encouragement and support you continue to give me thanks so much.

 So what else has been happening.....aint nobody got time for dat!!
briefly ...

 Got to shoot a wedding basically how i wanted by a very trusting couple! 
2 amazing people that i can now call friends ,was a spectacular day with amazing fun loving people....this is work !? and most of all they were very pleased with the results.

Was shortlisted to last 10 from 3000 entrants by London Live in their photography competition

I was honoured to be asked to record my second podcast with my friend and very talented photographer Valerie Jardin which airs today 20/7/17 http://valeriejardinphotography.com/podcast/2017/7/3/hit-the-streets-44-turning-a-negative-into-a-positive-with-jimmy-lee
Was privileged to be asked to document the Srebrenica memorial day at my local town hall and discuss future work.
Very lucky to be asked to cover all the great events and festivals by LBBD and the summer of festivals team Julia & Sarah these guys seriously work non stop 10 months of the year to put on some large,quality free events in my borough ,never realised the hours per day it takes.
Having a great time working with other councils thanks to my friend Hazel(i owe you a cocktail or 3)
 Really pleased i have been commissioned by Barking Riverside to document future works and the power station where my dad worked ...really excited about this !!

Was recommended by David Bailey for a commission and i am also Judging a London photographic competition with him this year!!

Interview by Barking Enterprise Centre (these guys have been a rock to me and my business)

I have probably missed out so much as its been a very chaotic time but also so rewarding at times

 So thank you for reading and sorry if i have missed you out as i said a crazy few months so hard to keep track of it all!!

until the next one...(not in 4 months i hope!!)