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In these days of ever rapidly advancing technology it has made me wonder how we will view our images/photos in the future? will our digital images we take on our phones now,look awful on systems of the future ? will they even be compatible ?,lose our phone,i pad,hard drive fails etc so many things that are quite often out of our control can destroy those moments you  will never catch again.
I thought i was a bit biased in that i like to have physical copies of my favourite images but since mounting my ongoing exhibition (until 20/2/17 at ) i have been amazed at the interest in purchasing my images and the amount of people that have commented that they would much prefer to have real printed images in their homes or workplace so that they can study them properly the way they should be  instead of just getting bogged down looking at images online where we all end up just scrolling through the thousands posted each day.

A various selection of my images will soon be available to buy/License from this website and maybe another online shop  .

 I have not rushed into this because i want my work to be available as great quality prints but also at reasonable prices, so i have been getting images printed from a wide range of suppliers over the last 6 months and have now narrowed it down to around 4.

 All Black and white images will be printed by the same company that specialise in this style of printing process to get it as perfect as i can, keeping prices down &  also consistency.
For Colour images ,i am just waiting on some more samples so i can compare quality and what finishes.

 I will be supplying prints only (framing will be available on Limited editions)as most people like to purchase their own frames and mount to suit where they are going to display the image/s, i will be putting  a brief guide in the future as to what i think is the best way to display my work.

Also i will be doing some images as limited editions, in a run of 50-150  which will all be numbered & supplied with certificates.As well as these i will be doing one off images printed on different materials that may suit companies that would like something unique to display in their space's .

All prices will be conformed once everything is in place.
There maybe discounts on large orders and for regular clients in the future

Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment below